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The Mind Masters Strategy for Success.

Imagine if you regularly sat down with a group of smart business owners who completely understood your issues. You would tell them your goals and together you would brainstorm new ways to succeed.

Topics like marketing, employee issues, finances, sales techniques and all the other complex issues you face on a daily basis would be brought to the table. You’d learn from their successes and hard won lessens. With a fresh perspective you could gain new creative ways to tackle problems.

“The brainstorming format, merged with the goal specific accountability has given me just what I needed to get past my prior limitations.” Lee Ferguson, The Cortina Group


When was the last time you repackaged your services? If you don’t feel you’re delivering your Ultimate Outcome at the highest level possible on a consistent basis; if you’re not getting the response you want, or making the money you know you could with your existing services, you’re ready for a breakthrough.

Come & Learn:

• Critical Success Factors for Growth

• To see better profits from more focused fine tuned plans

• How to develop a solid plan you can readily implement

• How to maximize results from your time, money and effort.

3-5 Hours Quarterly Fee $49-99 per session


Business  Services

Services Program Duration Fees
Local Meetings Topic & Brainstorming 1.5 hrs weekly Initial: $225 Monthly: $70-85
Phone/Personal Consulting Strategy & Accountability 1.5 hrs weekly Initial: $225+ Monthly: $95
Workshops Quarterly 3-5 hrs $45 – $99
Consulting One-on-one 2 hrs (minimum) $200
Website Q&A Ask questions N/A Free
Website Articles
e-Tips The Challenge Weekly Free
e-Newsletter Business Information Monthly Free



Working one-on-one, Barbara’s extraordinary expertise in the areas of sales, management, client relations, product development, marketing and systems planning are the solid foundation of her 20 year winning method of supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs. The fact that over 95% of MIND MASTERS members see an increase in business directly related to working with Barbara is testament in itself.  However, it is inspiration that Barbara uses gracefully to assist others in achieving their business goals combined with her sincere belief in human potential.

2 hour min. Fee $200

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