Mind Master South Bay Meeting

You know you, your skill, and the operation of your business.

Mind Masters helps you master winning short and long term strategies, solve critical challenges and reach your dreams and goals

“Mind Masters has been the single most powerful catalyst I have ever encountered! In the two years prior to participating, my net income grew by 26% per year. After I joined Mind Masters last year my net income jumped 95%. You do the math.”

~ Mark Lipsky

At Mind Masters meetings you will get clear on where you are going with your business and what the priorities are for accomplishing your goals and results. You will begin to focus on the “high priority, high payoff” areas of your business so that you can enjoy consistent, on going success. The structure of support keeps you in action and on track.

At each meeting members form highly interactive and mutually supportive groups so that each person can identify business issues for collaborative discussion and development of practical action strategies.

We invite you to visit a local meeting of your choice, and receive a FREE Strategy Session Valued at $75 to help achieve the results you desire:

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7:00PM to 8:30PM

Family Pancake House
Plaza Blvd, National City