Mind Masters Certification

Exciting New Opportunity

Mind Masters is looking for high-caliber, high integrity individuals, who have the passion for helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve greater success and personal satisfaction. Certified Mind Masters Facilitator opportunity is now being offered by San Diego entrepreneur Barbara Eldridge. Her Mind Masters is an organization of business owners, a personal Board of Advisors that has a 25 year proven track record. It is built on the simple principal that shared insight and a consistent focus on dreams and goals enhances the probability of success. Research shows when an objective is consistently concentrated on it is many more times likely that the target will be reached…especially when there is support.

The Ideal Candidate

If you are a currently a business consultant/coach and/ or have a background in sales, marketing, or related field, want to add value to your current clientele and expand your services or create a business where you are paid for helping others achieve business success, and You are a self starter and ready to learn what it takes to market to the small business community then this is an opportunity you have been seeking.

Successful applicants will have some solid experience and training, such as:

  • Strong presentation and networking skills,
  • Confidence to work with varied business contacts
  • An empathic listener who enjoys helping people find their personal strengths

Why Mind Masters?

Mind Masters brings together micro and small business owners from similarly sized, but non-competing companies. The weekly/monthly meetings provide an environment designed specifically to address the challenges faced in this ever changing marketplace. A place to learn and share with qualified peers. These highly interactive meetings have two distinct segments: The facilitation of instructional curriculum focused on the problems and solutions business owners must deal with on a daily basis.

The real focus of the meetings addresses the challenges and opportunities confronting individuals in the group. The member partners ask clarifying questions and then give candid feedback and suggestions.

How Does It Function?

The Certified Facilitator is an invaluable resource as he/she diagnoses the needs of the group. Mind Masters uses the peer process to access the information and tools needed for the Facilitator to meet the current business challenges of the groups.

Certified Mind Masters Facilitator Benefits:

  • Increased source of income
  • Expanding client base
  • Keep your primary business
  • Credibility in the business community
  • Access to other consultants and information
  • Tools and processes already designed
  • Marketing
  • A proven system
  • On-going support

Plus ….

  • Heighten your online presence – with the Mind Masters site.
  • Connect with other Certified Facilitators through monthly Mastery calls.
  • Gain access to business-building resources and continuing educational opportunities, workshops.

You know your skill, and the operation of your business. Mind Masters Facilitator Certification helps enhance your marketing strategies, supports you to help others solve critical challenges and both of you reach your dreams and goals!

If this sounds like you, I’d love to discuss the Mind Masters Opportunity with You! Just use the Contact Page to connect with me, or call 858-467-9091.

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